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Farrah Shah

Dr. Farrah Shah, a seasoned medical professional with experience in the UK, Australia, and Indonesia, transitions her clinical expertise and project management skills towards empowering women's health. Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesian, she's establishing a Jakarta facility offering comprehensive childbirth and motherhood education, drawing upon her combined experience as a physician and mother. Previously, she led successful tuberculosis screening projects in Indonesia, demonstrating her leadership and strategic abilities at Fullerton Health. Dr. Shah's dedication to improving healthcare access through innovative solutions makes her a valuable asset to the medical community. 


Shaffira Gayatri
Shaffira is an Indonesian currently working with an international NGO focusing on peacebuilding and has been involved in various initiatives related to refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia and abroad. She holds a Master's degree in World Literature and is passionate about refugee empowerment, humanitarian responses, and social justice.

Tiro Daenuwy

Tiro a Jesuit social worker from Jakarta, Indonesia who grew up in India, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States. Prior to entering social work, Tiro worked at a financial advisory that served clients from various national and international businesses and NGOs in Indonesia. Tiro focuses his social work on empowering youth from rural Indonesia as well as refugee communities in Bogor, Jakarta, and Jogjakarta. Tiro has also been involved in accompanying the conception and implementation of various projects in the fields of literature, art, organic farming, conservation, and education.

Co-founder and Program Director

Mohammad Baqir Bayani
Baqir is a young refugee from Afghanistan who comes up with a vision and turns it to reality regardless of what resources he has available. He intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organisation, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives the team to the achievement. He is a true believer of team work and easygoing by nature- no doubt he is direct and decisive when he needs to be. He is an inspirational leader who tells stories that touch the heart and inspire action. He has always been an excellent self-learner with everlasting thirst for acquiring new knowledge.  He created HELP for Refugees from scratch to what it is now through learning from the process and empowering other refugees along the journey. 


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