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Lack of education is one of the biggest problems that individuals
and families face. 

Children’s education is often put on hold for many years. Young people are unable to continue their studies, and adults struggle to find places to learn English and other skills necessary to prepare for their final place of resettlement.

12,295 refugees and asylum seekers living in the country

Approximately 6,735 are living in Jabodetabek

69% of the registered persons are adults, and 29% are children.


72% of the adult population are men, while 28% are women.

“Many refugees and asylum seekers are deprived of a sense of purpose and dignity which can be provided
by work and study.”

Under Indonesian law,
asylum seekers and refugees are...


not allowed to work.


not granted access to social support from the Indonesian government.


not accepted by the majority of schools and universities. 

Many refugees and asylum seeker in the community feel trapped;
they are unable to return to their country, with limited prospects of being resettled elsewhere, and no prospect of settling lawfully in Indonesia.

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