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Our Commitment

We are proud to be an organisation that is founded and led by refugees. We also work closely with individuals and organisations in Indonesia. Our program is founded on the following key principles:



We embrace diversity

Our students and volunteers come from over

12 countries worldwide and range from age 4 to 60 years old. We ensure that our teachers, management team and curriculum specifically promote the values of tolerance, friendship and understanding.


We develop
community leaders

Refugees have the right and the potential to make decisions on the services available to them. By volunteering with HELP (e.g. as teachers or managers) refugees in our communities are gaining confidence to develop their leadership skills and, in turn, become role models to others



We encourage resilience and self-empowerment

We believe that education and skills development are some of the most effective tools available for self-empowerment. Refugees have the potential to improve their own lives given the right opportunities and support. Volunteering with HELP enables individuals to share their knowledge and skills with their community.

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